TOP anti-age procedures this fall: what does the modern market offer?
Autumn is a hot season in cosmetology. After aggressive exposure to ultraviolet rays, clients need active recovery. And the beautician who can offer such services is successful.

But there are still competitors breathing down the neck. How do you outrun some and offer better care to others? The conclusion is simple - to expand your price list with new procedures. And since no one will cancel photoaging, anti-age services are especially popular in the autumn.

What age technologies are in the TOP now? What devices does the market offer? How to choose the right one? Today we are answering these questions.
Intensive rejuvenation: complex protocols in action
One technique is good, but two are better!
Devices that combine 2 or more cosmetic technologies are gaining more and more popularity. And the more, the better, because with just one device, a beautician can carry out a multi-stage procedure for cleansing, nutrition and rejuvenation. What other benefits does the owner of the cosmetology combine get:

Versatility. The reality is that now one combine can easily replace 4 to 8 units. In addition, due to the combination of different technologies, such equipment is suitable for working with any type of skin and with any aesthetic problem.

Wide target audience. Since the cosmetology combine works with any characteristics of clients, it means that its target audience is much wider than that of any mono-device. For the owner, this means a constant flow of customers and, therefore, profit.

Demand. Another important point, without which the cosmetologist cannot achieve success. Market leaders create cosmetic combines, choosing for them the most popular and effective innovations that aesthetists need.

Saving money and space. Yes, the cosmetology harvester has a high cost. But this is not comparable to the price of 4-8 devices separately. The same is the case with space. The harvester may seem large and cumbersome, but imagine how much space six or eight units will take separately.

Ergonomic. You no longer have to get confused in endless wires and tubes, constantly rearrange the devices for each client. All the headpieces of the beautician combine are conveniently located around the body, they are always at hand and ready to help.

Having a device with so many advantages, the cosmetologist qualitatively improves his business, raising it to a new level!
What devices does the modern beauty equipment market offer? Let's consider the most popular models:
Zemits Verstand PRO
Cosmetic harvester from the American brand Zemits, which combines trendy methods that provide completely autonomous protocols for working with different types of skin: cleansing, rejuvenation, toning.

What are the advantages of the device:
  • 6 cosmetic technologies, including microcurrent therapy and RF-lifting - TOP 2 anti-age technologies that launch powerful regeneration processes and tone the muscular frame of the face.
  • User-friendly interface. Setting the power of the protocols with just a few taps.
  • The powerful CoolRestart cooling system extends system performance.
  • Extended complete set. A large number of attachments and handpieces for a high-quality study of the whole body.

Another advantage of the model is its affordable price. The brand has combined high quality (has international FDA certification) and comfortable cost in its equipment. By what means? Customers do not overpay for a big name and marketing costs, getting the maximum set of innovations.

An excellent option for both starting and developing a business.
Zemits Verstand PRO
Syneron-Candela eTwo
An Israeli brand device that combines two technologies for rejuvenation: fractional RF-lifting and IPL.

Its features:
Portable format. The device is suitable even for a small beauty parlor.
Adjustment of the procedure using a 15 '' touch screen.
2 comfortable applicators to work on both face and body.
Innovative technologies. Sublime - vector lifting, which acts on the deep layers of the skin, stimulates the production of collagen. Sublative - fractional RF, acts on the upper layers of the dermis.

High price. Syneron-Candela equipment is often inaccessible to solo cosmetologists due to the high price.
ALMA Accent Prime
Modern cosmetology system of universal action. In it, the brand has combined technologies for both the skin of the face and the body: ultrasonic and RF exposure. This is one of the most powerful RF systems on the beauty market, it has 11 attachments for a comprehensive study of a wide range of problems.

Rather massive equipment, it uses the patented Accent Pixel RF technology, with the help of which the process of ablation and powerful heating is carried out. There are 5 attachments for the face: CoaxiPolar - uniform heating, Uni Large - unipolar radio frequency energy, Uni Face - face lifting and chin lipolysis, Periorbital - affects the skin under the eyes, BiPolar - local heating.

High price. ALMA equipment is often inaccessible to solo cosmetologists due to the high price.

Zemits Ultranexx
  • The device of the American brand Zemits has CE and FDA certification (USA)
  • The package includes 5 attachments for various purposes, each of which works at a depth of 1.5 to 13 mm.
  • Intelligent SMART control system of the device allows you to set the parameters individually for each client.
  • Portable format, placed on a table / pedestal.
  • Cartridge resource: 10 thousand lines Zemits Ultranexx
  • The device of the American brand Zemits has CE and FDA certification (USA)
  • The package includes 5 attachments for various purposes, each of which works at a depth of 1.5 to 13 mm.
  • Intelligent SMART control system of the device allows you to set the parameters individually for each client.
  • Portable format, placed on a table / pedestal.
  • Cartridge resource: 10 thousand lines.
Ultera System
This is a first generation device, a pioneer that has proven the effectiveness of the technique.

What are the features of this model:
  • Extended complete set. Has 5 attachments (1.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.5mm, 8mm, 13mm), precisely affecting different layers of the skin.
  • SMART screen. With the help of the sensor, the technician obtains high-quality, two-dimensional images of the affected area in real time. Patented soft tissue imaging technology up to 8mm depth.
  • Built-in cooling system.
  • International certification. First FDA Approved SMAS Lifting Machine
  • Cartridge resource: 10 thousand lines
  • The device of the 3rd generation, manufactured by the South Korean corporation CLASSYS, appeared in 2006
  • The presence of a wide range of cartridges: 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm, 9mm, 13mm allows you to solve aesthetic problems of the face and body.
  • Floor-standing format, the device is quite massive, it moves on wheels.
  • Certification: USA (FDA), Australia (TGA), EC (Europe CE), Korea (Korean FDA) and Singapore (HSA).
  • Cartridge resource: 20 thousand lines.
The pricing policy of the devices is different: if the first two models are available only to premium-segment salons, and even then not always, then Zemits Ultranexx, having the same resource and the same international certification, is quite available for expanding the price list for ordinary cosmetologists and salons.
Cleansing and rejuvenation: aqua-peeling devices
The essence of the technology lies in a triple, delicate effect on the skin of the face. This is a cleansing that occurs with the help of a handpiece attachment and vacuum pressure. And nutrition - since the procedure is carried out on a special serum that solves the client's aesthetic problems. This can be pore tightening, dermis whitening, maximum hydration, etc.

Benefits of the Hydropilling Treatment
In just three months, hydropeeling conquered the cosmetology market in the United States, and later - all over the world. Why do beauticians choose this procedure?
  1. Versatility. Thanks to the delicate effect of a mixture of water and air, the technology is suitable for any type of skin, even for aging and sensitive skin.
  2. The individual nature of each procedure. Thanks to various hardware serums, the cosmetologist selects a variable mix for each individual situation.
  3. Atraumatic. Clean skin without discomfort and pain. A session in 7-8 minutes cleanses the dermis without red spots and wounds.
  4. Simultaneous impact at different levels. The technology works with both the epidermis and the dermis.
  5. No special preparation is required for the treatment. Patients can return to their daily routine (including applying makeup) immediately after the session. Immediately after the treatment, patients will notice a reduction in visible pores and fine lines with improved skin texture, firmness and a bright, radiant complexion.
  6. Off-seasonality. Due to the nature of its effect, aqua peeling is positioned as an off-season procedure that can be carried out all year round.
  7. Combination with other stages of care. Hydropeeling improves the permeability of cell membranes. After the procedure, the skin absorbs and interacts more actively with other hardware techniques and cosmetic products.
What options can you look for in the cosmetic market?
Alma DermaClear
This is a premium equipment from an international Chinese brand.
  • Equipment for hydropeeling 3 in 1: cleansing, moisturizing, nutrition.
  • Handpiece 360 ​​- constant rotation provides chemical and physical exfoliation. The patented technology promotes deeper penetration of active agents into the skin.
  • Powerful vacuum pressure with silicone handpiece.
  • Quite a massive case, which can not be placed in every office.
  • High price.
Tower HydraFacial
A device that combines 4 technologies: hydromechanopilling with the patented HydraFacial® technology, diamond microdermabrasion, vacuum therapy and blue and red LED therapy. The device has international FDA certification and a touch screen on which you can customize the procedure.

This is the apparatus of an American company, which is known all over the world. Well, and the price it has an appropriate, not very elevated for solo and novice aesthetics.
Zemits Hydroluxx
Cosmetic harvester from the American brand Zemits, which will compete with more expensive devices. It also has an international FDA certification and is widely popular with US cosmetologists.

What are its features:
  • The functionality includes two of the most delicate treatments: hydropeeling and oxygen mesotherapy. A balanced combination that will be a win-win for any salon.
  • A large set of nozzles that will help you choose an individual service protocol for each client: for Ruffle Peel, for Spiral Deep cleansing, Dual Forte large-format hydro-diamond tips, Dual Sense small-format hydro-diamond tips.
  • Ease of customization of the process. Just a few keystrokes and the procedure begins.
  • Compact dimensions. A device of this format is suitable even for the smallest office.
Zemits Hydroluxx
Despite the American quality and international certification, this harvester is more affordable for cosmetologists. It combines really popular techniques that will significantly expand the price list and help you choose care for a client with any skin type.
There are companies in different segments on the international market. Premium brands that have long ago won a place in the international beauty market. Their equipment is of excellent quality, but also at a price that is not always to the taste of the owners of the cosmetology business.

A cheap Asian mass market, the use of which can not only ruin the professional reputation, but also harm the client. Poor quality and uncertified equipment.

And the third segment is the “golden mean” companies, which have combined in their devices the high quality of the international level and comfortable prices for the beauty market. Why is that? Without giving a markup to a big name, they provide really working technologies that are in real demand in the everyday cosmetology.

When choosing a new device for this season, pay attention to such nuances as: warranty support, official service, availability of a test drive and a showroom where you can get acquainted with the device.

Only by weighing all the pros and cons, you will raise your business to a new level!