The Secrets to Looking Younger Forever: Top 5 Ultimate Tips for Your Clients
There are simple universal rules to be followed to keep skin looking young, glowing and impossibly fresh. The rules are quite simple and well within the reach of every single person. So, one might assume, if someone’s skin care routine isn’t up to par, it is because they choose not to follow the rules and not because of the lack of information. Right? Well, no. So let us stop you right there and elaborate. You will be very surprised (and by this we mean shocked), by how little people actually know about their skin and how to properly care for it. And no, they are not consciously sabotaging their skin to the point of rapid aging, they really have no idea what they are doing wrong and, most importantly: they don’t know what questions they should be asking you. In that in mind, we have put together a panel of skincare experts and asked them to list the most common mistakes their clients have made over the years without realizing they were doing something wrong and made a list these problems no one ever speaks of. On to the list!
TIP#1: Ask Your Client If They Know Their Skin Type
This one is actually the most commonly made mistake. Seriously. Skin type might seem like a no-brainer to you, and because of this, you might also assume that people are buying the right skin care products. Well, just ask, and soon you will be the one confused, baffled and even somewhat horrified by the answers. You might even fix a lot of problems then and there; we all know using the wrong kind of products can be problematic in many different ways: drying out already dry skin, causing irritations and breakouts, clogging pores, enhancing sebum production and many-many more glorious ways to quickly cause skin problems with wrong skincare products.

We recommend carrying a line of quality skin care products that you can recommend to your clients according to their skin type. This is beneficial in a few different ways: for you, this means extra income, as we all know retail is a sure way to boost your profits by up to 30%. And your clients will use the products their skin needs according to the daily/weekly/monthly skin care routine you’ll recommend. Last but not least, great online shop like ours is very user-friendly: the face care products are very easy to find, they are perfectly cataloged and categorized, you can sort them by brands, type of the product, skin type, active ingredients and more.
TIP#2: List the Biggest Mistakes That People Make While Caring For Their Skin
Talk to your clients about the mistakes they are making on a daily basis that make them look older and age faster. People often mistake harmful for harmless. For example, a big percentage of your clients think that going to bed with makeup on is not that big of a deal. The same care and thought are given to the absolutely necessary sun protection and use of sunscreen. Most don’t give it another thought – just walk out the door and into UV light radiation. One of the biggest assaults on the skin, with infection and/or scaring being an often consequence, is also something all of your clients are guilty of and say it isn’t a big deal – picking at zits and pimples. Your every client is popping zits with a complete disregard for safety and aesthetics. Then there is the constant daily pulling on the very sensitive as well as the paper-thin skin around the eyes, rubbing irritated eyes, pulling on the skin to put on eyeliner, or put in lenses, aggressively scrubbing while removing makeup – all of it is the absolute worst for the sensitive skin. And, there is a big chance your clients use the same products to care for their skin year round. All of these very harmful things immensely speed-up the aging process, exhaust and damage the skin and everyone seems to think it’s fine, no harm being done.
TIP #3: Explain the Importance of Professional Exfoliation
At-home exfoliation with mango scrubs and ground-up coffee, papaya, and pink salt, or whatever those options have somehow got all tangled up and mixed with the professional skin exfoliation. They have absolutely nothing in common and you need to clearly explain this to your clients because they are doing more harm than good with their thinking: “I don’t have time for the facial, I’ll just buy a more abrasive scrub and exfoliate the skin every day”. Nowadays over-exfoliating and over-washing is apparently a huge problem. Skin is very delicate and easily damaged organ, too much cleansing with soapy products and abrasive scrubs severely damage the skin.

You have to very clearly set the at-home cleansing and exfoliating routine and be very particular with the products to be used and how often they should be using them. Thoroughly explain the difference between the professional exfoliation and cleansing and the at-home one, the sooner they will separate the two of these very different treatments – the better for everyone. Now, let’s talk more about the best cleansing and exfoliation treatments available today. You can advertise the benefits of a professional exfoliation online; it is a great way to advertise the treatments on your site and social media.

On a massive scale, all of the advanced exfoliation machines offer more or less the same amazing results, though there are some features unique to certain cleansing devices. Microdermabrasion machine gives you the option to choose between the crystal or diamond microdermabrasion to offer your clients the very best results and for you to choose the treatment you are comfortable with. These machines are the best for nixing and polishing out the acne scars. The amazing ultrasonic face scrubber machine brings the power of ultrasound to the table with the vital protein boost. Hydro microdermabrasion machine offers exceptional hydration with nutrient and vitamin-infused substances. And the high-tech vacuum suction facial machine gets the waste out of the skin and body fast with the unbelievable detox abilities of the lymphatic drainage massage.

These iconic machines are exciting and innovative. We know that present is all about versatility, so our usual recommendation is to have at least three cleansing and exfoliation options in your beauty salon, or, if you are a beautician-on-the go, just look for a multifunctional machine that’ll add more treatments to the already available options. Check out our latest bestseller – the revolutionary new generation Hydro Luxx machine created by Zemits. This one lightweight beautiful cutting-edge gadget offers deep exfoliation with hydro diamond dermabrasion and chemical solution peeling, additionally you have the option to detoxify and rid the body of harmful toxins with lymph drainage, there is an option to calm and soothe the skin, and then there is the oxygen infusion option that helps all of the beauty and anti-aging goodies to be blasted on to the skin with oxygen. Oxygen facials are the most loved by celebrities before the red carpet events. Treatment instantly eliminates the void of volume, plumps-up and hydrates the skin to the point that all small imperfections are blurred. And this isn’t all. By reaching the deeper skin layers this treatment boosts collagen production that starts a healing cascade that will only better the skin with time. The rapid increase in the synthesis of collagen tightens and lifts the skin, breaths youth back into it.
Main Benefits of professional cleansing and exfoliation machines:
Deep skin exfoliation. The pores are properly cleaned. After these treatments, the layer of the dead skin cells, acne-causing bacteria, puss, dirt, blackheads, and whiteheads are loosened, separated from the skin and the pores are either scraped or vacuumed away with a powerful suction tip. This kind of treatments not only clear the skin but in the long run eliminate the possibility of breakouts as puss is only produced inside a clogged pore.

The skin is instantly brighter with flawless luminous complexion. All of the dark spots, acne scars, small lines and wrinkles, sun spots are addressed with exfoliation treatments.

Better product penetration. This is a very important one. Make a separate point to stress that no cream, serum, or acne treatment no matter how great or expensive it is will be able to penetrate and be absorbed by the skin with clogged pores. There is no way for that to happen. The products would just sit on the outer layer of the skin.

Younger, healthier looking skin. Clogged pores, lines, and wrinkles, dull exhausted skin, uneven tone, breakouts – all of it makes the skin look older. Plus, if the pores are not properly cleaned they actually stretch out or with the aid of sebum, dead skin cells and bacteria turn into breakouts and then form a lot of acne scars. All of these problems vanish with propped deep cleansing and exfoliating action, living the skin looking healthy, polished and fresh.

Hydrates the skin and increases the blood flow. Proper skin hydration brings back the volume and even pushes lines and wrinkles out, making them less visible. Increased circulation is a delivery mechanism for all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals, not to mention, brings out that pretty rosy glow.

Safe and non-invasive, recommended for all skin types. Well, there is nothing to add here. This is just awesome!
TIP#4: Talk to Your Clients about Skin Aging
Again, this one is also very surprising. When asked to guess the age when the skin starts to age almost no one gives the correct answer. And that is the reason why we are more of the correction and not the prevention crowd. Skin starts to slow down the vital protein production when people turn 20, so treatments that keep up the collagen production and maintain the youthful healthy look should start in the early 20’s and not in the mid or late 30’s when the collagen loss is clearly visible.
TIP#5: Set the Absolute Minimal Daily Skincare Routine
If people cannot get through the full skin care routine, they just give up and don’t do anything at all. Give your clients the few basics that they can turn to if suddenly there isn’t enough time in a day, there are thousand and one problems, and only a few hours for sleep and a minute to eat. Give them the must-have minimal routine for those crazy days. Live the non-negotiable cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen in the must-have category and you’re just going to have to exfoliate the stress away with one of those magic machines during your next appointment.