Autumn Inspiration: Perfect No-Makeup Glowy Skin
Fall is the best season: the fresh crisp air, mesmerizingly gorgeous foliage, the festive traditions, the pumpkin spice anything and everything and, of course, that one magical day when stuffing your face full of candy isn’t really frowned upon. Though, if you are a professional facialist, leaving in the age when perfect no make-up skin is very in and demanded by every client, you are preparing for the worst. For you personally, end of summer means rolling up the sleeves and getting to work: the season for revitalizing the skin after the extremely hot and preparing it for extremely cold officially begins with the huge spike of facial bookings that go hand-in-hand with the pretty changing leaves and the Grande pumpkin spice Starbucks lattes. So, let’s have a quick look at the main problems of the after-summer skin, learn more about that flawless no-makeup skin that celebs are proudly wearing and find out what facial treatments are the very best in quickly restoring the integrity of the dull, exhausted and very dehydrated skin.
Identifying the Main After-Summer Skin Problems
Three fun-filled summer months fly by with the speed of light, or so it seems, the evidence it leaves on all of our faces beg to differ. Even those who avoid the sun altogether, wear proper sunscreen and never leave the house without a hat have something to show their esthetician in the fall, for example, the damage done by the air-conditioned air that sucks the life itself out of the skin. Weeks and weeks of sun, heat, pool chlorine, salty water, happy summery cocktail parties, and barbeques – all of that shows up on the skin in the form of an excess layer of dead skin cells, clogged pores, dry patches, pronounced lines and wrinkles, sunspots and loss of volume.
That being said, let’s look at the main after-summer skin problems:
Breakouts. Acne is one of the main skin problems in the summer. Excessive dead skin cell pile-up, sweating and sebum production when mixed with acne-causing bacteria are just a perfect recipe for clogged pores and breakouts.

Irritation. People tend to touch the skin a lot more when perspiring. Additionally, more irritation is caused by the dead skin cell layer as it thickens during the sunny months.

Dehydration. Most of the summer activities, outdoor ones, as well as indoors ones, pull the moisture out of the skin. Heat, salt, high chlorine and acid levels in the water, air-conditioned air are all the main reason for the lack of moisture and thus lack of volume.

Dull lifeless skin with more pronounced lines and wrinkles. Add all of the summer skin problems to the very natural loss of vital structural proteins and you’ll see a very aged skin, with deepened lines and wrinkles, sagging droopy skin.
Uneven skin tone. This is a direct consequence of spending too much time in the sun.

Skin infections. Bacterial skin infections are commonly seen throughout the summer as it gives the bacteria a perfect breeding environment. Bacteria are everywhere in the hot weather and people tend to touch their faces way too often.

Clogged pores. This is a huge problem that is in itself a cause for a lot of other skin problems. Clogged pores are the first step to zits and pimples, breakouts, inability to absorb any creams, serums, ointments. Recurrent acne worsens the overall condition of the pores; they seem larger and stretched-out. Severe breakouts caused by clogged pores may lead to scarring and scar tissue formation.

Poor blood circulation. Dehydrated skin with clogged pores doesn’t allow any beauty products with retinol or other products that improve the blood flow in aging skin to penetrate and be properly absorbed. Weak blood circulation means poor skin oxygenation and insufficient vital nutrient delivery and distribution.

Pigmentation. Sunbathing or any exposure to the UV radiation leads to the body trying to protect itself through melanin becoming darker. Skin tanning can be even, though often we see pigmented patches or in skin condition called hyperpigmentation.

These are the main skin problems that every beautician should be ready to concur in the fall. It is a lot, but there is no chance that anyone would feel good showcasing their bear face with even one of those problems on display, not to mention all of them.
Autumn Goals: No-Makeup Youthful Glowing Complexion
We fully support and are huge fans of the no-makeup movement. It is healthy for the skin, it is beautiful and empowering. But, we feel that it is very important for you to explain to your clients in detail how all of this awesomeness is achieved. We are all here for the Wonder Woman Gal Gadot makeup-free selfies, or bare-faced Katy Holmes or the pioneers of the movement – Paltrow, Diaz, and Keys. You know all of your clients are looking at those red carpet perfect photos and are surely expecting you to make that happen, preferably within a 20-minute facial during their lunch break. So, please, set aside a bit of time to explain how this look is achieved. We have recently read yet another interview of the facialist to the stars - she has clearly stated that, apart from the well-balanced diet, regular exercising and hydration, the no-makeup red carpet look preparation starts a month in advance minimum! Minimum! Let’s look at the proper way of getting that perfect skin.

First and foremost – cleanse and exfoliate. This is a given and we are not going to spend a lot of time on this today. Clean and properly exfoliated skin is the first necessary step before any skin treatment. It is mandatory. Period. Use any cleaning machine you love, there are plenty to choose these days: professional facial steamers, crystal or diamond microdermabrasion machines, facial vacuums, and the amazing ultrasonic skin scrubbers. There is no makeup-free luminous complexion without one of these machines. This is your way to clean pores, breakout control, dead skin cell layer removal, and increased blood flow. Honestly, with younger skin, this would be enough to jump-start cell regeneration and present your client with a glowing polished skin. But, for those of us over 25, additional after summer anti-aging boost is needed. And we strongly suggest you turn your attention to two skin transforming super machines – the oxygen facial machine and the microcurrent therapy machine.
High-Tech Skin Care Wonders: the Go-To Machines for Skin Restoration
Now, we are swimming in the cutting-edge high-tech waters, so we can state for sure that these machines will help you to transform sun damaged skin. With just a light touch of a wand the dull and the sagging will become luminous, plum and lifted.

Oxygen skin treatment machine is usually called “the before the event machine” because celebs undergo the treatment before any important event that will be seen on the high-definition TV screens. This treatment erases the tiny lines and imperfections, it blurs and filters; the face becomes supple and looks impossibly fresh. This facial was highly praised by the one and the only Madonna, and the treatment is recommended on her website.

During the oxygen facial an infusion gun is used to spray active serums onto the skin. This serum infused stream of pressurized oxygen is designed to bypass the upper skin layer without damaging it in any way and deliver all of the nutrients, vitamins and anti-aging agents deep into the skin, where it is really needed. This rapidly hydrates the skin, plumps it up. It instantly looks supple and luminous, plus void of the volume is nowhere to be seen.

If you have a client that tells you they need to look fabulous and makeup-free now – this is the machine you reach for. Results are just stunning.
So, what are some other benefits of the oxygen facial? Let’s take a look:
Structural protein boost. Oxygen facial seeps deep into the skin and engages the layer responsible for structural integrity of the skin, thus starting the collagen growth.

Skin detox. The serum that is used during a facial is infused with all of the goodies: the vital nutrients, vitamins and active agents to help to speed up the disposal of waste.

Rapid hydration. This king of infusion immediately rehydrates the skin, erasing all the tiny imperfections and blurring the impurities.

Quick cell turnover. Oxygen is one of the main ingredients in the cell turnover process. And during the facial, you are doubling the oxygen thus helping new cells to grow. The high-pressure oxygen stream is also a great polishing tool, you can easily treat acne and keep the pores clean and clear, it polishes out the sun damage and evens out the skin tone.

Safe and non-invasive. There is no downtime, you can go on with your day and your usual skin care routine instantly.
Another amazing way to help your clients go bear-faced and bring summer damaged skin to life is turning on your magical time-erasing microcurrent facelift machine. It is often called a “face-lift machine” as you can offer the results of a very invasive surgery without needles, knives, anesthesia or any at all downtime. Unbelievable, right? Well, if you’ll choose not to believe us, there is tons of research available online on clinical application of the microcurrent therapy as this treatment has arrived on the beauty scene after being extensively studied and widely used in medicine. Microcurrent therapy is used to treat chronic pain and inflammation, it is a life-saver for the post-surgical wounds, it speeds up soft tissue healing process and is used to treat bone injuries. So, what exactly is it and how can it help your clients?

Microcurrent facial machines apply low-level current to promote healing and activate anti-aging agents, for example, promote collagen and elastin growth. Our cells function with the use of small doses of electricity that is usually produced on a molecular level. With low-level electrical current microcurrent therapy re-starts or keeps the natural processes going within the cells, this promotes the accelerated healthy function of cells, as often times cells don’t have enough electricity to function properly and perform their function perfectly.